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There are two Beagle Rescue Schemes currently operating in South Africa, The Beagle Association of Gauteng does not actively support either at this stage, for the following reasons:-

Both have to prove themselves to be operating ethically.

There is concern that they do not necessarily operate in the best interests of the breed and the preservation thereof.

At least one condones the breeding of unregistered Beagles.

In depth knowledge of the breed, health issues, breeders & breeding practices appears to be lacking.

What to do if your Beagle needs rehoming 

Breeder members of The Beagle Association of Gauteng commit themselves to responsibility for life for all Beagles they breed, therefore any Beagle owner who has purchased a puppy from a member of The Beagle Association of Gauteng should approach their breeder should the need arises to rehome their Beagle.

The Beagle Association does not offer a fostering service for other needy Beagles, however we will do everything possible to assist in rehoming Beagles bred by non members , so contact should be made with the officers listed below

The Beagle Association does not usually charge for the rehoming of Beagles if they can assist with rehoming, however we expect new owners to pay neutering costs if applicable, to join the Beagle Association and if in a position to do so, give a donation to the Beagle Association of Gauteng. Member breeders do not usually offer a refund of the purchase price, except in exceptional circumstances. Prospective new  owners must expect to provide detailed information regarding their motivation for wanting to adopt, their lifestyle etc., and we also require two references.  

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