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The past five years has seen the proliferation of breeders, particularly one off breeders, backyard breeders, unregistered breeders and puppy mills, most of whom are doing the breed a disservice, as generally speaking they do not have the interests of the breed at heart. Their reasons for breeding are usually purely financial, they usually do not have planned or researched breeding programmes, they seldom do any genetic testing for inherited disorders, invariably they have no quality controls in place, they have little or no regard for the breed standard and very often the health and well being of their bitches is not of prime concern. Recently registered puppies sold with colour faults, incorrect colour registration, serious eye disorders and physical disorders have been brought to our attention. These breeders are giving all registered purebred dogs a bad name. So caveat emptor

Detailed below are some tips to follow when looking to purchase a puppy. If you are wanting to to purchase a purebred puppy always look for the best you can find based on recommendations and references. Do not make your choice based on price and immediate availability alone.

What to look for in a breeder 

Why you should only ever buy from registered breeders? Registered breeders are members of KUSA and as such are bound by their rules, regulations and ethics regarding the breeding of purebred dogs. Unregistered breeders are unnecessarily adding to the already large pool of unwanted mongrel dogs, which frequently end up at rescue centres around the country. However you need to be aware of disreputable registered breeders, as above, as these exist amongst registered breeders as well as unregistered breeders. Puppy mills/farmers are volume breeders who have little regard or consideration for the basic needs and care of their breeding bitches and puppies and who breed purely for financial gain and not for the betterment of the breed. Breeders, like potential puppy purchasers, need to supply references . References can be sought from Specialist Breed Clubs, veterinarians, neighbours as well as satisfied puppy purchasers.

Reputable registered breeders breed only to improve the breed and have a researched breeding program based on sound breeding principles working within the existing breed standard. Reputable breeders do not seek to experiment with or change the breed according  to their own personal preferences for colour,size, shape, temperament etc. Dogs that are registered with KUSA have a traceable and verifiable pedigree and are indeed what they say they are. Any papers that are supplied with unregistered dogs are worthless as they cannot be authenticated.

Chose a breeder who is quite happy for you to visit their premises and view all their breeding stock, which should be happy, healthy and sound. Kennels and runs should be clean, free from excrement, have a plentiful water supply, be light and airy, shaded, of sufficient size to allow the dogs to exercise freely, with undercover and sheltered sleeping areas. Many of the smaller breeders house their breeding stock within their homes ensuring that their dogs and puppies are well socialised.

The breeder you select should be  knowledgeable about their selected breed, the breed standard, its history, function, needs, both pyschological and physical, of the dogs, pros and cons of the breed, genetic heritage, testing available and most importantly temperament.

Never buy a puppy that has not been seen at least once by a qualified veterinarian, that does not have a veterinary record and microchip identification papers and that is under 8 weeks. Due to administration delays, registration papers are not usually yet available when the puppy is 8 weeks old, but ask for proof that they have been submitted to the KUSA. The average registration delay thereafter is 4 weeks.

Some breeders impose breeding restrictions and insist on purchase contracts, ensure you understand the implications of these. Shop around and speak to as many breeders as possible and be discerning and sift the wheat from the chaff.

Member breeders

Listed breeders are members of The Beagle Association of Gauteng who are bound by the rules, regulations and ethics of both the Association and the KUSA.


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Daleen Maree - Lumar Beagles - 081 406 0104 -

Candice Theron - Voxcreek Beagles- 084 813 5852  candice@foxcreek - 

Dirk Tijssen -Ekara Beagles 0714003048 - -  www. 



Veronica & Rosie Longman - Chatoyant Beagles - 




Disclaimer: The Association does not endorse any breeder. All agreements entered into are between purchaser and seller and are of no concern of the Associsation, unless, there has been a breach of Association or KUSA ethics, rules and/or regulations